TinPony's Back!

I’m back baby! icon_biggrin.gif

Its been many many years since I last produced a cover but I keen to start pumping them out.

Some of you may remember me from the old days when the old .com site reigned supreme there were only a few of us designers floating around in those days and I remember the demand for HQ covers was high. I’m pleased the trend continued and I can see some very talented designers have emerged.

I’m dusting off Photoshop version 2 (well it feels like it anyway) loading up with extra coffee, Trying to figure out what the hell Blu-ray is!

I ‘m currently upload my old work but sadly I’ve lost about half it turns out that backing things up on a DVD is not as good as they once claimed ….lol.

Moving forward I still have a lot to contribute to the site in both covers and resources.

So just remember TinPony is much easier to spell the “SteelStallion”

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