A New Font!

Three years ago, I generated a few crumbs of a font as part of a custom poster design for the Humphrey Bogart film The Roaring Twenties on here. 60 rounds of revisions and expansions later, it’s a real, live font available through MyFonts.com as of today! cheers.gifhttp://www.hirescovers.net/forum/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=32586

Here it is from the original project:


And here’s a look at the final product:



There are also a few more related showcase images on bunnydojo.com/rummy or myfonts.com/fonts/bunny-dojo/rummy.

This is my first time building a font, and HiRes is pretty much my only home for design online, so if any of you guys have any tips on sites for advertising fonts or the kind of things that get you interested in a font (ideas for sales images, etc.), I’d definitely appreciate your input.

Also, I tried to make the font usable internationally, so if any of my bilingual friends on here happen to notice an accented character that should be added, those kind of suggestions are very welcome and very helpful as well.

Thank you to Bazzah for letting me share and to my HiRes friends for the encouragement along the way! 8834.gif
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Hello (again)!

Well, actually I won’t itroduce myself here. I already did two years ago. And I hope that’s not necessary again. wink.gif

But I was away for about six months now and I just wanted to let you know that it wasn’t because my interests have changed or something like that.
In April/May I had some personal trouble with my (now ex-) girlfriend. And since June I was ill, I only were running from doctor to doctor during two months. And although I really missed it I had absolutely no desire for doing anything in Photoshop.

I’m sure I’ve lost out so much here and I hope I’ve not lost every skills I once had and get rid of rust soon again! 8834.gif
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