Varsity Script JF

I’m once again doing a project that involves re-creating a bunch of business cards and trying to match the original fonts.

Would anybody be able to help me out with the Varsity Script JF font from JAW fonts?

Here’s a link for your reference. A big thanks to anyone who can lend a hand! I’ll probably have a few more font requests as I work my way through this job.

Thanks! 8824.gif8824.gif8824.gif
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Chuck Norris Collection – Volume 3 by tmscrapbook

C / Chuck Norris Collection – Volume 3 by “tmscrapbook”requested by dtvhacker

My R1 spacesaver cover for the following movies:
Code of Silence
Top Dog
Logan’s War: Bound by Honor
The President’s Man
The President’s Man: A Line in the Sand
Bells of Innocence
The Cutter
The Expendables 2
Please have the courtesy to leave a comment if you download this – THANKS :). Image file “Chuck_Norris_v3.jpg” 3395×2175, 5588478 bytes.