Sons Of Anarchy Complete Blu-Ray Collection

Sons Of Anarchy Complete Blu-Ray Collection

To find all the covers and labels in this set search key word: soactaulbee

Custom Blu-ray Spanning Spine Set for the Sons of Anarchy FX TV Series, all sized at 3118 X 1748 @300dpi and designed for the seven seasons that are planned at this point, series creator Kurt Sutter has said he plans to end the show at seven seasons, we will see fear not I have a plan ‘B’ if it goes beyond seven. Matching labels are included see below. At the end is a place holder for Season 7 front and spine is complete so OCD people like me can have a complete set on the shelf until that last one is finished next year.


Disc Sets

Place Holder for Season 7

Note: Back is incomplete the completed cover will be added to the gallery with the matching labels after the official release and all info is correct.

Full size place holder Download:

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