Cover of the Month Competition

Hi all!

Since Ubl sadly chose to leave us before we could get him re-committed to the Insane Asylum from where he escaped, the monthly wip competition here at HiRes needed a new Moderator. Since neither Bazzah or Fubster does anything around here, I stepped up to the challenge. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that COTM will continue, only from now on I will be the one running it. Therefore please re-direct any monthy bribe money to me instead of Daniel. lol whistle.gif

*** A Heads-Up on the Rules ***
Please make sure to read:

To get those last minute custom covers uploaded on the last day or two of the month into the competition I have decided to prolong the Nominations period till the 2nd each month. I’ll set up the voting progress when I’ve weeded out any cover that doesn’t apply to the rules. So voting will begin at the 3rd or 4th of each month, and end 6 days later. It’s not a big chance, and the COTM will still get a little over 3 weeks Showcase on the front page depending on the month.

Please do yourself a favor and read up upon the Rules – and PLEASE notice that any member found to have nominated their own work will have that cover banned from the competition – even if it was nominated by other members too. Remember that the Eye-In-the-Sky can see everything, every nomination and vote and so on and so forth. rulez.gif


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